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Gretna Gambling

Gretna CasinoThe world class Gretna Gambling complex is just what the doctor ordered for North Florida, and gambling enthusiasts all over the area are excited about the upcoming opening of the highly anticipated Creek Entertainment Gretna facility, which will provide a viable, exciting, and rewarding gambling venue for Gretna and surrounding areas.  No more long drives down to central Florida to enjoy some sizzling gambling action, a brand new and high quality gambling hot spot has popped up right in our own back yard.  The Gretna Gambling and entertainment complex will feature a variety of wagering platforms, including Gretna poker, casino gaming, and horse racing

Gretna Gambling will offer access to some of the most most exciting gambling options, and is designed to present a very sophisticated and high quality facility that is both enjoyable and innovative in nature. While there are several gambling facilities in Central and Southern Florida, North Florida has been overlooked until now for this type of entertainment, despite the strong equestrian activity and interest in the region. 

North Florida is finally getting their own taste of the thrills and frills of Vegas style gambling.  The Gretna Gambling complex will bring a little something special for everyone, from casino games to horse racing, and some poker action in between, your gaming fancy will find just the right niche to settle into.  Entertainment that used to be hours a way is now right around the corner!

This exciting Gretna Casino and Gambling facility is expected to open in either late fall or early winter of 2011, and you can already feel the excitement building for those gambling enthusiasts who have been waiting for an opportunity like this to show up on the scene in N. Florida. For those who are looking for a weekend adventure, the Gretna Gambling facility will also be adding a hotel to the property, which not only serves tourists, but also N. Florida residents who are looking for a 'gambling getaway' without the expense of traveling too far. 

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