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Gretna Horse Racing

Gretna Horse RacingThe Gretna Horse Track is undeniably the premiere equestrian facility of North Florida, and will bring a whole new contribution to the flavor of North Florida culture. The North Florida and South Georgia region is believed to have between 50K and 75K horses, making it an optimal choice for developing the equestrian industry within Florida. The endeavor to provide such a facility to the North Florida regions has been a desire of its developers for some time now, and has always sought to embrace the already strong popularity of equestrian activity already occurring in the Red Hill region.

Gretna Horse Racing is about to take off in North Florida, and will provide an exciting and potentially profitable entertainment platform for the area. The state of the art facility is expected to draw the region's horseman, outdoorsmen, and spectators to the track that will feature a world class horse racing venue. The favorable weather in North Florida allows for a large window for using the track and will hence not be required to be quite as 'seasonal' as some other tracks around the country are. The Grand Opening took place on December 17, 2011 and kicked off with a special race featuring 11 Time World Champ Charmayne James. Here's a look at one of James' races at Gretna's horse track:

A race calendar and schedule is posted at the Gretna Horse Track website, and we are expecting that after the holidays we will see the racing event schedule start buzzing even more, giving us a better idea of the planned scope of racing action for 2014 at the facility. Between the race track and poker room, the Creek Entertainment complex in Gretna fills a void that gambling enthusiasts have wanted filled for some time. Ongoing development is expected to ring casino gaming as well to the facility, finishing off a well rounded gambling entertainment platform that may just bring the growth to Gretna and surrounding areas that provides the economic boost that any region could benefit from.

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