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Gretna Poker Room

Gretna Poker RoomThe highly anticipated grand opening of the Gretna Poker Room has come and gone, and many players who came out for the event have reported that it was a positive experience, and that the Gretna Poker Room was very nice. There was good action to be had, and while there isn't any danger of mistaking the venue for the Vegas Strip, it is indeed a very nice facility and program. This refreshing new gambling venue is certain to liven up the Gadsden County area with an exciting and rewarding new form of entertainment that poker enthusiasts in the area have been longing for. The Gretna Casino and horse track also received favorable responses from visitors.

So just how robust is the poker gaming action at the Gretna Poker Room? Well we liked the game menu right away, featuring the following games: Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw, and Badugi. Its a great variety of games with a little something for everyone. The operators of this new poker room have decided that they want to do things right, and have already implemented a tournament scheduled that includes a monthly $20K guaranteed tournament, and from the looks of their currently posted calendar, there are also going to be regular $10K guaranteed tournaments, satellite tournaments, and additional other tournaments. Yes, the Gretna Poker Room Tournaments demonstrate that they are definitely going all out to attract the poker playing community.

The game structure for No Limit and Pot Limit Texas Holdem and Omaha are as follows:

$20 to $100 buy in for 1-1 No Limit
$40 to $200 buy in for 1-2 No Limit
$100 to $400 buy in for 1-3 No Limit
$200 to $1000 buy in for 2-5 No Limit
$200 to No Max buy in for 2-5 No Limit
$500 to No Max buy in for 5-10 No Limit

The structure for Limit Holdem, Stud and Omaha is as follows:

Minimum buy in is $20 for 2-4
Minimum buy in is $40 for 4-8
Minimum buy in is $60 for 6-12
Minimum buy in is $100 for 10-20

For those who are planning on visiting the Gretna Poker Room, you may want to review the poker etiquette section to ensure that your first poker room experience is a smooth and positive one. From daily action to tournaments galore, the Gretna Poker Room seems to have pulled out all the stops in providing an exceptional local poker room experience for the Gretna residents and surrounding areas. Those who have not visited the facility or who haven't been there in a while may be interested in our one year later look at the facility, where they've come from and where they are headed in the future.